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About Me

Film Editor. Storyteller. Problem Solver. 
I've been editing for a long time now. I've had an amazing career & many opportunities that I'm just now realizing how special they were. My mentors have taught me everything. Whether that be a director or an editor, they have all shaped me into the editor that I am today. I am driven by the art of editing and my visuals and sound are intertwined. The two are not separate. The thing I love most about my craft is that I learn something new every day, and that learning will never stop. Whether it be a collaboration or the problem at hand, learning never ceases. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I love with some many other talented creatives. My work is my passion, my hobby, and my purpose.


L.A. Film 


Academy Awards

Dallas Film Festival

Academy Awards

"Moneyball" (nominated)

AICE Awards

Timberland "Life In Motion"

RAM "Sorry Mom"

Tide "Have Fun"

Beck "Sound & Vision"

German Design Awards

Fiat "Infinite Possibilities"

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